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It gives me great pleasure to introduce Cognitive Behavior therapy (CBT); a short term, goal

directed talking therapy that takes hands on practical approach to solving problems. The way an

individual feels and behaves is influenced by the way he perceives his experiences.

CBT is used to treat Depression, Anxiety disorders, psychosis, work stress, relationship

difficulties, unexplained pain, irritable bowel syndrome, self-esteem issues, bereavement, stress,

anger etc. In some conditions CBT is recommended as first line treatment while other conditions

respond better when CBT is combined with medications.

Studies suggest that a large proportion of patients who do not want to take medication , some

develop side while others do not respond to medication. The best estimates indicate that only

about 60 to 65% show improvement to antidepressant drugs. Therefore, we must have alternate

therapies to help the remaining 35-40% patients, research suggests that Cognitive Behaviour

Therapy can provide this alternative intervention.

At present very few mental health professionals are trained in CBT due to lack of training

opportunities in the country. Our mission is to train mental health professionals in CBT through

one year postgraduate diploma program to help their patients with the best evidence based

therapies not only in big hospitals but also in remote areas of the country.

Our vision is to make this best evidence-based treatment available to public by excelling in the

field of Cognitive Behavior Therapies.

Ms. Maria Luqman , Senior clinical psychologist